Workout DVDs - Finding The Optimal Workout DVD For Your Lifestyle
- by Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

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Workout dvds are the perfect way to keep up your fitness and maintain a workout program under most circumstances. From beginners to advanced exercisers, the right workout dvds can provide you with guidance motivation and proper trianing principles to lead you to your specific goals.

As you know, its not always possible or even desirable to trek to the gym 5 or 6 days every week - especially with a demanding career and a busy family life. Quite often, people throw in the towel when they get out of the 'gym rouitne' only to find that several years have passed and their fitness has gone down the tubes. The right workout dvds can prevent this type of unfortunate event.

Additionally, a home workout dvd can offer the 'non-health club types' plenty of training advice and exact instruction for various levels of fitness seekers - ranging from beginners to advanced fitness seekers.

The biggest challenge in finding the perfect workouts dvds is having to sort through all of the mixed offerings on the marketplace. There are old, 'recycled' workout dvds, new 'breakthrough' workout dvds and one size fits all workout dvds. It's no wonder there is so much confusion and dissappointing workout dvds still on the market - as most people shop by price and not by the substance contained in the workout dvd.

So, how does one find the right workout dvd to fit their abilities, lifestyle and goals?

The difference between fitness failure and fitness success can depend greatly on your choice of workout dvds.

Workout dvd choices are literally endless and the variety of workout dvds currently offered in all sales outlets can be somewhat overwhelming when attempting to figure which workout program will give you the safest, most effective, most efficient and permanent results.

The good news is there is a brief and easy analyis you can go through to define which workout dvds will be the ones for you.

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# 1 - Assess your workout preferences. Do you prefer to exercise with other people? Do you want to workout to music, no music or your own choice of music? Do you want workout dvds that can be used at home or in a hotel or friends house? Do you need weights and machines or would you rather workout with creative body-weight training techniques that are adjustable for all levels? 

# 2 - Define your 'starting status'. Are you a twenty-four year old fitness newcomer? Are you a forty-nine year old 'workout vet' looking for some variations on fitness? Are you a sixty-five year old 'starting all over again'? Are you totally out of shape and worried about your health status. 

The best workout dvds naturally implement gradual progression techniques and workout program design for all levels of physical fitness and conditioning. These types of workout dvds can take a beginner through various stages over time and can also provide plenty of training stimulus for someone who has been working out regularly but is looking for a workout program to deliver better results and changes than what they've experienced in the past.

# 3 - Research the exercise pro behind the workout dvd or dvds you are looking into. Even though a lot of the big names occupy shelf space in the major sales channels, there are a good number of 'grass-roots' workout specialists who are bringing their own brands of safe and effective workout dvds to the marketplace.

A great way to do this is to find a fitness professional who interests you. Then perform an internet search of their name on one of the major search engines. See what kind of results you get back and what else you can find out about his/her workout dvds, fitness philosophy, experience in the fitness industry and education.

# 4 - The workout dvds you purchase should come with at least a nine month, or longer, return policy period and money back guarantee. A twenty day guarantee is meaningless and most users don't really get into a workout dvd until the first three to six weeks from date of sale. You should have enough time to go through at least several weeks of workouts (maybe even a few months) to get a sense of whether or not the workout dvds you have chosen are a good fit for your goals and lifestyle.

# 5 - Put your new workout dvds to good use. They won't work if you don't use them. If you expect to get results you should plan on following the progression plans or workout schedules that are included with your workout DVDs.

Insider Hint - if you are looking at a program that does not come with a plan or schedule on how to use the workout dvds - it is most likely not a thorough program and will leave you with a lot of guesswork. Stay away from these types of workout DVDs with 'no substance' as they will only cause you setbacks and disappointments and prolonged fitness failure.

Take some time to perform this five step action plan when choosing and using your new workout dvds. Following these simple tips will save you time, energy and money - while giving you long lasting fitness improvements.

Joey Atlas, M.S. - Exercise Physiology, is a Fitness Consultant, Professional Trainer, Fitness Writer and Workout DVD Producer. He is also the creator of The Home, Office and Travel Workout DVD Series, an Internationally distributed series of workout dvds for women and men of all fitness levels. Joey is the president of Joey Atlas Fitness Resources in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

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