Home Workout Strategies for Tight Schedules

- An article from 'The Fitness Success Report' - 

by Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology


A properly structured home workout program can be the perfect weapon against the most popular fitness excuses. 'I don't have time to get to the gym.' and 'I can't find the time to workout.' are health zapping excuses that can be eliminated with an effective home workout plan.

Most people falsely believe that a good home workout requires an elaborate home gym - one that takes up lots of space and costs a lot of money. The truth is you can have a highly effective and time efficient workout plan in the privacy of your own home with minimal space and hardly any fitness equipment. We automatically think of weights and exercise machines when we hear the words 'home gym' or 'home workouts'. This is a natural carry over from what we are used to seeing in fitness centers and health clubs.

As a professional personal trainer and fitness consultant, my 16 years of experience in training clients in their homes and offices taught me how to devise home workouts that required minimal fitness equipment and minimal space. With a basic workout mat and some knowledge of how to take advantage of gravity and body weight - a highly effective and time efficient home workout plan can be designed for both men and women.

Add in a few low-cost fitness 'gadgets' and you can design a thorough and complete home workout routine with great variety that brings you definite results and long term success. And exercise ball or Swiss ball, a medicine ball and some resistance bands are incredibly effective fitness tools when used properly and consistently in a well structured home workout plan.

The biggest plus for following a home based workout program is the time saving factor. When you add a full-time career and family responsibilities into a 24 hour day - time is precious and extremely valuable. So, the time it takes to drive to a health club, in addition to the added time it takes to get through a workout, can be saved and used as your actual exercise time for your home workout, without having to wait on line for any weights, machines or sweaty equipment.

Another great strategy for making the most out of your home workout routine is the option to break up your workouts into smaller ones that can fit into your schedule when things get really tight. For example, if your typical home workout takes 50 minutes to complete but you only have 25 minutes on a given morning - you can do half of your regular workout, maybe at a higher intensity - and then do the rest at lunchtime or in the evening - or maybe even the next day. Home workouts allow for flexibility in scheduling challenges and changes thereby removing several of the most widely used fitness excuses.

The reality is, your home gym is open 24/7 and you don't have to waste any drive time nor do you have to fight the busy 'gym crowd' to make improvements in your health and fitness.

Here is another great strategy for effective home workouts. Teaming up with a spouse or other family member can make your workouts more fun and productive. Of course, this is not true for everybody - but I know many people who have successfully teamed up with their mate, sibling, son or daughter to pursue fitness together, at home, with great results. When this strategy works - it works very well.

A simple but well rounded home workout plan can be your ticket to fantastic fitness, good health and of course, a sexier body. Take a little time to plan your 'home gym' and devise a flexible but consistent schedule to keep you motivated and committed to your personal home workout routine. Your efforts will pay big dividends in many ways for years to come.

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