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courtesy of Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology
Body toning is not 'bodybuilding'. It's not 'power-lifting'. It's not 'weight-lifting'.

Body Toning is the simple art of blending certain principles of exercise, fitness and wise nutrition to bring about desired changes in the body. Too often, the term is confused with other types of exercise programs that are not conducive to firming and toning the body in a safe and efficient manner.

There are many elements of body toning, although not all elements apply to all people. Fat reduction, cellulite removal, skin tightening, muscle shaping, inches lost, changes in body composition or body fat levels, building curvy thighs or a rounder butt, toning up the arms and shoulders, losing stomach flab - these can all fall under the heading of body toning.

Two people with very different challenges can follow the same type of exercise program while adhering to nutritional guidelines that are structured to be in line with their goals, and dependent on their starting points, with measurable and consistent success.

A person who is 84 pounds over weight and seeking to lose body fat has the same 'body' (a human body) as someone who is a little under weight and wants to gain some muscle weight while improving overall fitness. Although there may be differences in natural abilities of coordination or strength, they can both do the same exercises. Differences in caloric intake (and quality of foods eaten) will be the factor that brings each of these people closer to their different body toning goals.

Aerobic exercise may be slightly different. The person who wants to lose body fat will devote a larger amount of time to cardiovascular exercise (25 - 40 minutes) as compared to the person who wants to build up certain areas of their body (15 - 25 minutes).

Some body toning programs try to incorporate the resistance exercise with cardiovascular exercise. While this is not easy, and most programs fall short of doing this successfully, it is possible - especially when the program is centered on body-weight exercise principles.

A body-weight toning program is not commonly found in the health club setting. You either have individual programs of weights and machines or group classes focused on aerobics with some light 'toning'.

True body toning takes advantage of gravity, body-weight and simple bio-mechanics to bring about desired changes in the body through total body conditioning and targeted muscle toning exercises.

When these elements are combined properly, you can realistically expect to see improvements within 2 - 4 weeks - especially when a moderate amount of attention is payed to nutritional content and caloric intake.

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